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The following Big Band arrangements are available from me:

They are arranged for a standard Big Band with 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and rhythm section (g, p, b, dr), sometimes plus vocals.
  1. 0815 II (by Jörg Heuser) Slow Funk M.M.=90
  2. 2-4-U Algorhythm (by Jörg Heuser) Salsa M.M.=220
  3. Alone Together (by Dietz-Schwartz) Medium Swing M.M.=120
  4. Blue In Green (by Miles Davis-Bill Evans) Funk Shuffle M.M.=120
  5. Body And Soul (by Heymna-Green-Sour) Ballad M.M.=60 (w/vocals)
  6. Boplicity (by Miles Davis) Medium Bop M.M.=130 (w/ optional vocals)
  7. Dolphin Dance (by Herbie Hancock) Medium Jazz M.M.=115
  8. Don't Change Horses (by Tower Of Power) Medium Funk-Rock M.M.=110 (w/vocals)
  9. Enter Sandman (by Metallica as played by Pat Boone on IN A METAL MOOD - No More Mr. Nice Guy) Fast Swing M.M.=260 (w/vocals)
  10. Fannie Mae (by Brown-Lewis, as played by Jaco Pastorius on WoM) Med.Up Shuffle M.M.=160 (w/vocals)
  11. Grandson Of The Creeper (by Jörg Heuser) Medium Bogaloo M.M.=115
  12. How R U Doin' (by Jörg Heuser) Gospel-Rock M.M.=120
  13. It's Oh So Quiet (by Hanslang-Reisfeld, as played by Björk on Post) Jazz Waltz M.M.=110, Medium Swing M.M.=132 (w/vocals)
  14. Josie (by Becker-Fagen) Medium Funk Rock M.M.=120 (w/vocals)
  15. Joy Spring (by Clifford Brown) Medium Bop M.M.=130
  16. Just A Gigolo (as played by David Lee Roth on SKYSCRAPER) Medium Swing-Shuffle M.M.=125 (w/vocals)
  17. My Funny Valentine (by Rodgers-Hart) Reggae-Shuffle M.M.=160 (w/vocals)
  18. My Love Is Alive (by Chaka Khan, as sung by Anastacia) Soul M.M.=100 (w/vocals)
  19. Ode To Billy Joe (by Bobbie Gentry) Funk Rock M.M.=120 (w/optional vocals)
  20. Scarlet Woman (by Zawinul-Shorter) Slow Funk M.M.=90
  21. Souled Out (by Tower Of Power) Medium Funk M.M.=105 (w/vocals)
  22. Take Thea Along (by Jörg Heuser) Funky Shuffle M.M.=185
  23. There Will Never Be Another You (Warren-Gordon) Salsa M.M.=260
  24. Three Views Of A Secret (by Jaco Pastorius) Jazz Waltz M.M.=100
  25. Yardbird Suite (by Charlie Parker) Medium-Up Bop M.M.=180
Each arrangement (includes conductor's score and all parts) is € 35/US-$ 50 plus shipping.
Germany: Euro 2,20
Europe/worldwide: € 5,60 / US-$8 (registered airmail)
Please contact me for details and questions.

Georg-Büchner-Str. 15 D-55129 Mainz [Germany]
Tel./Fax: +49-(0)6131-508716, cellphone: 0175-5559320
Email: jazzinimainz[a] mail me
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